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Cable Float switch - FS Series
Model: FS Series
Cable Float switch



1. Switching Vlots: 220VAC
2. Switching Current: 2A / 7A ( Micro Switch )
3. Terminal Box: PP / SUS304
4. Lead Cable: PVC , 3M
5. Rope : SUS304 / NYLON
6. Temperature Range: PE 0°C ~75°C / SUS316 0°C ~200°C
7.FS-22 Float Size: ø58 x 92 mm / PE
  FS-33Float Size: ø73 x 125 mm / SUS316
  FS-66 Float Size: ø46 x 76 mm / PE
  FS-99 Float Size: ø38 x 90 mm / PP
8.Connection Size : JIS or ANSI
9. Alarm Output: NO/ NC/ SPDT
10. Vertical mounted


Sewage, waste basin, septic tanks, industrial water, seawater, water-cleaner tanks.
Bear acid and alkali, easy to install, and the longest life. It is the best and only one in Taiwan. The maximum resistance is 300℃ most domestic engineering tenders designate. Quality and prices are better than foreign imports!

The cable float switch is perfect for simple level control of liquids for filling or draining reservoirs and tanks. Float switches are the most universally used for pump automation, due to their high reliability, economical pricing, and easy installation. Counterweights and cable hangers are available to suit a variety of mounting applications. Optional cables available, higher chemical compatibility, high temperature durability, oil resistance, and drinking water suitability.
These devices can be supplied with one, two or three switch contacts and can thereby monitor up to four different limit levels. The micro-switches are installed in a robust and impact-resistant plastic housing. The float forms a hermetically sealed unit with its permanently installed, special connection cable.

The most important application areas are pumps and drainage systems, the waste water or chemical industry, and everywhere where a reliable limit level detection of liquids is required.

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Cable Float switch

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