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DiWi Enterprise Co.,Ltd specializes in Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting Proximity Switch, with a factory in Taiwan. It has always been our focus to manufacture finest products and to deliver them on time with attentive after-sales service. Our innovative spirit enables us to stay a step ahead of our competitors by providing the widest range products. Enquiries from global wholesalers, Distributors, buyers, agents and OEM/ODM are welcome.
  • Capacitive Proximity Switch - DIM-3016 / 3025
    DIM-3016 / 3025 : Capacitive Proximity Switch


    1. Sensing distance 25mm
    2. Installation: Unshielded
    3. Switching Output: NPN NO&NC / SCR NO&NC
    4. Operating voltage: DC 10~40V、ripple≦10% / AC 20~250V 50/60 Hz
    5. Response frequency: 15Hz / 10Hz
    6. Load current: 0 ~ 200mA / 10 ~ 500mA
    7. Sensitivity adjustment: Sensitivity adjuster
    8. Operation indicator: Red LED
    9. Circuits protection: Reversed polarity & Short circuit protection
    10. Housing material: PBT
    11. Lead-wired: 2M Cable
    Our capability and industrial know how has enabled us to manufacture and supply Capacitive Proximity Sensors. These products find application in ground proximity warning system for aviation safety, anti-aircraft warfare, roller coasters, conveyor systems and mobile devices. Known for their precise detection of nearby objects without physical contact, these products have high reliability and accurate functioning. Our clients appreciate these products for their longer service life and maintenance free nature. Capacitive Proximity Sensors are packed in damage proof packaging material to ensure their safe and secure transit.
    1. Able to detect iron, metal, plastic, water, stone, wood etc
    2. Easy to control of level and position
    3. Easy to adjust of the sensing distance with built-in sensitivity adjuster
    4. Built-in protection circuit of reverse power polarity, surge, over current
    5. Output: NPN / PNP , NO / NC
    6. Power supply: 100-240VAC (AC 2-wire), 12-24VDC(DC 3-wire)
    7. Noise-resistant Models added to the lineup for application in a wide range of industrial environments.

  • Liquid Level Sensor - DCP-13
    DCP-13 : Liquid Level Sensor

    Output method: NPN or PNP
    Sensible tube: 9 ~ 13
    Operating voltage: 10 ~ 30VDC
    Current consumption: 30mA max.(non load)
    Sensitivity adjuster: 14 turns trimmer
    Output status: NO / NC changeable
    Output current: 150mA max.
    Protection circuit: Short circuit & polarity reversed protection
    Lead wire : 4c/4.0Φ x 2m
    Housing material: PC
    Operating circumstance: -20℃ ~ +80℃
    1.Low price
    2.Easily mountable and adjustable
    3.Space saving
    4.Easy to check operation
    For liquids limit level sensing on non-conductive (glass or plastic) gauge-pipes, tubes and tank walls. Miniature performance in plastic housing. Variants with cable or a connector Two-wire connection directly to the relay circuit or PLC input. LED state indication
    Tube Level Switch with an integrated amplifier, thus there is no need to install a separate amplifier. Just attach it to a tube with two tying bands. The position can be easily changed with the release lever even after mounting, so that there is no need to cut the tying bands.
    Tube Type Liquid Level Detection Sensor are intended for liquid (conductive and non-conductive) level detection on glass or plastic gauge-pipes, tubes and tanks. The sensitivity and modes (SO – normally open or SC – normally closed) of the switches can be easily set by placing magnetic pen on sensitive spot. The connection is done by means of two wires directly into a circuit with relay or to binary input of control system.

  • Capacitive Proximity Switches - DIM-5502
    DIM-5502 : Capacitive Proximity Switches


    1. Sensing distance: 10mm , Nonmetallic 
    2. Operating Voltage: DC12~30V
    3. Response frequency: 600 Hz
    4. Load current: DC 30V 200mA Max.
    5. Output indicator :  LED
    6. Leakage currnet: DC 1.1mA no load
    7. Protection Class:  IEC IP66
    8. Operation Temp.: -20 ~ 70℃
    9. Housing material : ABS or PVDF
    10. Connection cable length: 2M
    11. Output : PNP or NPN
    1. Saves Installation Space with a Thickness of Only 10 mm
    2. Flat, built-in amplifier model offers excellent space efficiency, with 10-mm sensing distance.
    3. Detects almost any kind of object, be it metallic or non-metallic (water, oil, glass, plastic, etc.).
    4. Direct mounting onto a metallic surface is possible.
    5. LED operation indicator.
    6. Low-profiled Capacitive
    Capacitive sensors function without physical contact with the target material. Capacitive sensors allow for the detection of both, conductive and non-conductive materials, but are most commonly used for sensing materials such as plastics, liquids, powders and granular materials. In applications utilizing capacitive technology the sensitivity of capacitive proximity switches is dependent on the material characteristics of the target object. This material characteristic of the metal, plastic or liquid object will influence the sensing range and therefore the output detection point of the capacitive sensor. To allow for this variation in material characteristics, we offer many models with adjustable sensitivity to allow for more flexibility in applying these sensors to your application. These capacitive sensor products offer an alternative technology for use in applications where the use of inductive sensors may not be possible. Detect non-metal, glass, liquid, plastic, silicone chip, powder… etc…

  • Capacitive Proximity Sensor - DIM-07
    DIM-07 : Capacitive Proximity Sensor


    1. Sensing distance: 2 ~ 6mm or 2 ~ 10mm
    2. Operating voltage: DC 10~30V、ripple ≦ 10%
    3. Switching frequency: 50Hz 25Hz
    4. Operating current: 100mA
    5. Output indicator : Yellow , LED
    6. Short circuit protection: pulsing
    7. Protection Class:  IEC IP6 7
    8. Operation Temp.: -20 ~ 70℃
    9. Housing material : PBT
    10. Connect ion cable: 2M
    11. Output : PNP or NPN
    1.Rectangular housing
    2.Operating distance up to 25 mm
    3.High electromagnetic immunity
    4.IP 67 enclosure rating
    5.Complementary output function
    6.LED status indicator
    7.Short-circuit reverse polarity and power-up pulse suppression protection
    8.PNP or NPN output versions are available
    Rectangle Capacitive Proximity Sensor Durable housing withstands harsh industrial applications, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Quick and easy adjustment of the switching point saves installation and setup time. Application flexibility - solves applications where other sensing technologies cannot provide a solution. High shock and vibration resistance increases sensor life and reduces maintenance costs. Non-contact level measurement, even through container or tank walls, which eliminates drilling holes and thus reduces installation time. Be able to detect different substances like metal, plastic, liquid and etc. Be widely used in non-metal processing industries like Packaging, Plastic, Paper Products and etc.

  • Water Level Sensor - P100
    P100 : Water Level Sensor


    1. Sensing distance: 6~13mm, Tube thickness 1mm. Tube material: PEP, PFA.
    2. Operating Voltage: 12~24VDC(±10%), 5%(p-p)max. ripple
    3. Response frequency: 600 Hz
    4. Load current: DC 30V 200mA Max.
    5. Output indicator : LED
    6. Consumption current: 80mA Max.
    7. Protection Class:  IP65
    8. Operation Temp.: -10 ~ 55℃
    9. Housing material : Polycarbonate
    10. Connection cable length: 1M
    1.Ideal for detecting liquid levels
    2.Suitable for any 6- to 13-mm-diameter transparent pipe
    3.Suitable for a maximum wall thickness of 1 mm
    4.12 to 24 VDC supply voltage
    5.Easy to install tie-wrap and rubber tube
    6.IP65 enclosure rating
    Incorporates a sensitivity selector, built-in amplifier, and operation mode selector. Tie-wrap and rubber tube provided to prevent slippage. Suitable for any 6- to 13-mm diameter transparent or semi-transparent pipe with a wall thickness of 1 mm. Built-in amplifier with NPN output saves space and wiring effort. Compact size is ideal for the miniaturization of equipment. Uses a talc-free cable that is ideal for equipment used for the manufacturing of
    Detect liquid, plastic, silicone chip, powder… etc… The detected distance varied along closely with the property of factors such as electric ion (electric conductive coefficient or non electric conductive coefficient), moisture content, the volume of the object. These will affect the detection distance accordingly.

  • Water Leak Sensor - EX-100
    EX-100 : Water Leak Sensor


    1. Sensing source : Infrared LED
    2. Operating voltage : DC 12~24V、ripple ≦ 10%
    3. Detection speed : 0.5~1 sec (pure water)
    4. Load current : 25mA
    5. Output indicator : LED
    6. Output mode : NC.
    7. Protection Class : IP67
    8. Operation Temp.: 0 ~ 50℃
    9. Housing material : PP
    10. Connection cable length : 2M
    11. Weight : 80g
    EX-100 of leak detection sensors offers a unique and reliable method of protecting your equipment against leaks. Using a capillary effect, the sensor utilizes the change in refractive index to detect small leaks and viscous liquids. The built-in amplifier sensor offers a compact design, and is available in general purpose (water detection) and chemical-resistant types. A convenient LED indicator allows for simple verification of fault conditions. There is no need for sensitivity adjustments, and two simple mounting bracket styles facilitate simple installation.
    1. Reliable detecting
    2. Compact, slim
    3. Easy installation
    4. Safe design
    5. Protection class IP 67
    Detect non-metal, glass, liquid, plastic, silicone chip, powder… etc… The detected distance varied along closely with the property of factors such as electric ion (electric conductive coefficient or non electric conductive coefficient), moisture content, the volume of the object. These will affect the detection distance accordingly.

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